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Sell Anything On Ebay

By Lisa Moore

If you're a regular Internet user, there's a good chance you've been to eBay. The eBay site is a massive virtual auction house, serving people all over the world. It's fun and addictive to search for treasures on eBay, and easy to sell your goods and services. With a few limitations, virtually anything can be bought or sold on an eBay auction.

Over 100 million people are eBay members, buying and selling items of almost every description, at great prices. It's baffling to see how inexpensive some items can be. On the other hand, you can be amazed to see that seemingly worthless items can fetch very high prices. eBay can seem like a marketplace free-for-all, but there are limitations as to what can be bought and sold.

eBay does restrict certain items from being auctioned through their website. Services are not allowable auction items, simply because they are not tangible 'items'. You cannot sell, package and ship a haircut, for example. Of course, there are always sellers who blatantly ignore the rules and try to get away with posting services. Illegal items cannot be sold, on eBay or otherwise. If eBay finds an item to be illegal, such as a satellite signal descrambler, it will restrict or remove the item from auction.

Products that infringe on copyrights, such as illegal copies of CDs, DVDs or software, may not be sold through eBay auctions. However, you are able to sell a DVD, CD or software that you had previously purchased legitimately. eBay restricts the sale of 'replicas', which are copies or knockoffs of designer items that look identical to the originals, like dresses, purses, sunglasses or shoes.

Items that are regulated by state or federal governments are forbidden on eBay. Alcoholic beverages, illegal and prescription drugs, tobacco products, weapons and firearms must not be sold. There are certain exceptions to this rule. If you have a collectible tin of tobacco, for example, you can list the item for sale if it has never been opened, and only if you state that the package contents are not meant for consumption. Certain other conditions must be met before posting these types of collectibles for sale. Check with eBay for a full list of conditions and restrictions.

Small animals and reptiles cannot be sold on an eBay auction. This includes animals that were once living, but are now preserved and mounted. Rules also apply to items taken from endangered species, such as ivory. If you are in doubt whether your item can be sold on an eBay auction, it's best to err on the side of caution and avoid listing it.

Many music and sports fans purchase concert and event tickets on eBay. Tickets may be sold, but legally they cannot be sold for more than the original price. Selling tickets for more than the price paid is called scalping, and it's illegal. Lottery and raffle tickets are banned from eBay.

If you have an item to sell on eBay, but you're not sure if it's eligible for auction, visit the site to find out about possible restrictions. You can browse the site to find the answers you need, or contact the eBay staff directly. It's not worth breaking the law just to make a few extra bucks.

About the Author: Lisa Moore is an author for several well-known web sites, on small business tips and technology and small business topics.


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Creating A Website As An Effective Local Marketing Strategy

Creating A Website As An Effective Local Marketing Strategy

PayPal View Cart Error: We were unable to decrypt the certificate id – SOLVED!

PayPal View Cart Error: We were unable to decrypt the certificate id – SOLVED!

New Video Software Let’s You Create Video Easily and Quickly!

New Video Software Let’s You Create Video Easily and Quickly!

As an internet marketer I am interested in keeping up with
new ideas and trends in internet marketing. Since I have
been on the internet for a long time doing things like
creating my own internet city, website promotion, making
money on the internet, I have seen the internet change by
leaps and bounds.

Today, in order to be relevant in internet marketing your
website or blog has to do more than just be a static webpage,
now you have to have content and different methods to share
that content such as having your own blog, perhaps forums,
and now the biggie, video. With increasing access to broadband,
video is now possible for virtually everyone to use. Video has

become the new must have have, not only for internet marketers
but for everyone who has a website.

Local Biz Owners who have a website can especially benefit from

video. With video, there are new opportunities to get out your

message, advertise your business, make video postcards, send
video e-mails create how-to the ideas are endless.

We website owners however, are thinking gee we want to get in
on the video thing, but it is something else we have to learn
how to do, another learning curve, and for many of us the idea
just sort of fizzles.

I am excited because I don’t have to miss out this time, because
I lack the expertise to create and broadcast videos or perhaps
I just don’t have the time.

I found a unique new software I thought I would check out, to
see if I could use it. I was hoping it would be easy to use,
to create video and then put it on my website. I also wanted
the video to look good, something I wouldn’t mind people watching

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Well I couldn’t believe it. This software made it drop dead easy
to make videos and to put them on my website. I actually was able
to make a quality, professional looking video in less than 5 min.
This sounds crazy I know, but I did it.

If video is something you have been wanting to do but felt really

intimidated by it up to this point, you might want to try this software

for yourself, because the best part is you can use the software and

it doesn’t cost you anything. That was important to me because I

didn’t know if I would be able to use the software, and I didn’t want to

pay for something I wasn’t sure I could even use.

Written by Debbie

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Antique Collecting

The following paragraphs summarize the work of antiques for fun and profit experts who are completely familiar with all the aspects of antiques for fun and profit. Heed their advice to avoid any antiques for fun and profit surprises.

Those of you not familiar with the latest on antiques for fun and profit now have at least a basic understanding. But there's more to come.

Antique Collecting

Why Is Antique Collecting Different from Other Hobbies?
A lot of us want to fill our leisure time with projects and pursuits we enjoy. Collecting is a common hobby, and is appreciated by many people. Antique collecting, specifically, is a remarkably popular past-time. What is it about collecting antiques that sets it apart from the multitude of other hobbies available?

First, antique collecting allows one to pursue a subject matter that mirrors their individual tastes and interests. Whether one’s chief interests are political, artistic, mechanical or simply historical there are antique items that will match them nicely.

Second, antique collecting is profitable. Wise investment in rare items can later be translated into a significant financial gain. Whereas most hobbies cost money, antique collection can actually lead to making money!

Third, antique collecting provides a unique way to interact with the past. Everyone, one some level, has an interest in history. Antique collections provide an opportunity to enjoy and better understand history.

There may be an infinite number of hobbies from which one can choose, but antique collecting offers some very unique opportunities that separate it from other alternatives.

Often, our daily tasks are quite discrete. They have a marked beginning and end. Once completed, there is nothing left of them. It’s no wonder that hobbyists tend to choose pursuits that are more open ended. They seek an ongoing process that can provide a great deal of entertainment and satisfaction for an indefinite length of time.

Antique collecting is a perfect example of this. There is no end to a collection. There is always at least one more item that can be added, or an “upgrade” to a better-conditioned piece may be sought. If a limited area of an antique field is “finished” for a collector, he or she can simply expand their hobby ever so slightly to produce even more options and opportunities.

The collection of antiques is a wonderful hobby for anyone seeking a challenging and enjoyable long-term pursuit. It involves designing a quest that can be as ongoing and open ended as anyone might like. Anyone looking for a fascinating lifelong pursuit should certainly consider collecting antiques.

Antique Furniture’s Invisible Enemy

Antique furniture’s greatest enemy may not be your children’s magic markers or your guest’s failure to use drink coasters. One of the toughest foes antique furniture faces is invisible--and common.

Changes in relative humidity caused by your home’s heating and cooling system can be a disaster for antique furniture. The temperature differential between your home and the outdoors can cause expansion andcompression of antique woods, creating cracks, warps and even splitting! Antique finishes can be decimated by this invisible enemy.
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